Junk Removal in Sturgeon Bay

Picture this: you just got back from a hard day at work, made it back to your property, and suddenly remembered that there’s still junk all over the place. Maybe it was from a recent remodel, a move, or something else. No matter the cause, Truck ‘N Junk is ready to make things right for you. So, if you’re looking for junk removal in Sturgeon Bay, look no further than us. We think you’ll soon find we’re the answer for all of your junk-related problems.

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Our Mission

What Truck ‘N Junk is all about is giving our community the top-quality junk removal services they deserve. And, as we work through many service areas and take all sorts of junk, we become not only just a more experienced team, but more of a neighbor to all of our surrounding communities.

A Friend to the Region

We’d love to make you the next person we befriend. So why not give us a phone call or book online to get started with us? When we go the extra mile for your junk removal in Sturgeon Bay, you’ll quickly see that you made the right decision.

Our Team

Every well-meaning, professional business needs a well-meaning, professional team. And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what we’ve got. Our team of haulers know what it takes to get even the most difficult junk removal jobs done, and we think you’ll be just as impressed with them as we are. Think your junk removal in Sturgeon Bay might be a real doozy? Don’t worry, our team is ready to tackle whatever challenge you have for them.

Our Pricing

Swing by our Pricing page, and you’ll see that what we offer rings up to a fair price for you. By calculating the cost based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck, the dollar figure is kept simple and fair, meaning no hidden fees to catch you by surprise. We’ve all been there—some businesses just love to drop bank account bombs halfway through their services. Not us. Truck ‘N Junk knows honesty is the best policy and that you want the best service for the best price. That’s why we’re committed to giving you just that.

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To Save $20

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To Save $20

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Trying to tackle that Sturgeon Bay junk removal on your own can often be more trouble than it’s worth. After all, those heavy, hard-to-carry items have a habit of slipping out of your hands and causing all sorts of trouble. This includes “cracking the tile floor” trouble and “crushing your toes” trouble. Skip all those unnecessary risks, do yourself a favor, and let us do the job. That way, you can focus on what you’re good at, and we can do the same! With all that free time we give you, you could even go fishing at Potawatomi State Park.