Light Demolition

Truck ‘N Junk does demolition cleanup in your area! 

Light Demolition with Truck ‘N Junk

Our Light Demolition service is your best choice when it’s time to remove or deconstruct structures that have outlived their purpose. Whether you’re looking to revamp a space or clear the way for something new, our experienced team will handle the job efficiently and safely, ensuring minimal disruption to your property. From small buildings to interior demolitions, we make the process smooth and hassle-free. Contact us at 920-858-1455 to get an instant quote!

light demolition hot tub Truck N Junk

Hot Tubs

Is your hot tub taking up valuable space, or is it time for an upgrade? Our demolition service is here to help. At Truck ‘N Junk, we specialize in efficiently removing and disposing of hot tubs, whether you want to create more space in your backyard or install a new one. Let us handle the heavy lifting and disposal so you can relax and enjoy your transformed space.


When the time comes to part with your old shed, our shed demolition and removal service has you covered. We take the hassle out of shedding your space, providing professional and efficient removal services. Whether it’s a small garden shed or a larger structure, we’ll disassemble and dispose of it, leaving your property clean and ready for new possibilities.
light demolition
light demolition deck Truck N Junk


Deck renovation or removal can be daunting, but we make it a breeze. We efficiently remove decks, allowing you to start fresh with your outdoor space. Truck ‘N Junk will ensure smooth and stress-free removal, whether on a small platform or a large deck. If it needs shed demolition in Menasha, Wisconsin give us a call at 920-858-1455.


Your property’s fence may need an update, or it could be time for its removal. Our fence demolition service is your solution. We efficiently remove old walls, whether damaged or no longer needed, leaving your property ready for what’s next. Our professional team will ensure the removal process is smooth and disruption-free.
light demolition fence
light demolition


Patios provide the perfect outdoor living space, but there comes a time when they may need renovation or removal. We remove old terraces, allowing you to reimagine your outdoor area. Whether it’s a small patio or a more extensive structure, we’ll take care of the removal process so you can enjoy a transformed outdoor space. Just call 920-858-1455 for your instant services quote today!

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